Saturday January 13th 2024
Tickets: $75.00

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DeltaCampout2010_026The Stockton Water Ski Club (SWSC) is the 2nd oldest water ski club in the United States.  The Island, owned by the club, resides in the heart of the California Delta off of the Stockton Shipping channel, West of Stockton, CA.

The club’s Island, located in the heart of the California Delta off of the Stockton Shipping channel, West of Stockton, CA, serves as a hub for members to pursue activities, interests, or simply relax and unwind. Since 1949, members have been enjoying the Island for day trips or weekend camping excursions.

The Island offers a variety of activities for all ages and interests, from water sports like wakeboarding, waterskiing, and kneeboarding to boating and cruising the 1,000 miles of Delta waterways to popular destinations. For those who prefer to stay on land, there are amenities like a horseshoe pit, volleyball court, and large grassy areas for running and playing. The club also maintains a roped swim area with a swim platform and playground equipment for kids.

The Island is equipped with all the amenities you need for a comfortable and enjoyable visit, including bathroom facilities, showers, large BBQ pits, picnic tables, and a clubhouse with electricity and a sink for cleaning dishes. There are also plenty of friendly members to sit and chat with under a shaded tree.

One of the major benefits of the Island’s location is its proximity to the delta loop, which offers a variety of dining, dancing, and entertainment options. The club is also just minutes away from a full-service Marina, Herman and Helens, which has a store, restaurant, and fuel.

Since 1949, members have been spending time on and around the “Island” pursuing activities, interests, or simple leisure. The Island is close enough for an easy day excursion or weekend camping trip, but far enough away to escape and recharge.

beachFrom the very young to those “who know a thing or two”, there is always something to do, or not do, on the Island. Water sports like wakeboarding, waterskiing and knee boarding are always a focal point. However, participation in a water sport is not a prerequisite for having fun. SWSC is also a boating club; many enjoy comparing boats and cruising the 1,000 miles of Delta waterways to many popular destinations. Others enjoy simply spending time on the island. For the ambitious a horseshoe game is almost always underway…practicing for the annual tournaments, no doubt. The Island also sports a volleyball court, for those inclined. For the less ambitious, the beach across the front of the club is where you can lie out with a good book and work on your tan or the docks are a great place for drowning a few worms.

For the kids, the club maintains a roped swim area with swim platform, swing sets, large zac_chasegrass areas for running, jumping, and playing. There is also plenty of undeveloped acreage for exploring. For all the island is equipped with amenities you would want. They include:

  • Bathroom facilities
  • Shower
  • Large BBQ pits
  • Plenty of picnic tables and benches
  • Campfire pit
  • Clubhouse with electricity and sink to clean dishes
  • Pump to blow up air mattresses
  • Two large docks to secure your boat
  • Plenty of friendly members with whom to sit under a shaded tree and shoot the breeze.

Another major Island benefit is its location. Do you like going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner?  We are located close to what is known as the delta loop. Delta Loop. The Loop offers great dining, dancing and more.