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October 2020 Flat Water

Flat Water
October 2020

Fall Clean Up Days

We had a great crew of volunteers to help with fall clean-up. We were especially happy to see and get to know many new members. *

Shawn, Teresa, Faith & Byron Springer
Keith, Bree, Reese, Rylee Wells *
Richard and Georgia *
Scott, Nancy & Spencer Irby
Roger & Linda Fisher
Jeff & Nicole Greenberg
Jeff & Denise Sonneberg
Pete Disch
Harv Bisla * Tim Fontaine *
Dale Balcao Sim Risso
Pat Garcia Ben Wiesner
Vic Wagner Jeff Nolan*
Brad Hellwig Daniel Bennett*

New Member Rules & Regs

The Rules and Regs were recently modified (10/15) to read the following:
“A new member will be probationary for 12 months after date of joining and will not be eligible to sponsor a new member during this time.”

Sponsoring New Members

It is important for sponsors to help their new members by introducing them to other members, learning the Rules and Regs, as well as to being a model for and encouraging participation in club events as well as volunteering to help.


SWSC continues to welcome club members to bring guests to the island. Please be responsible for making sure that the Rules and Regs are followed. Guest may not use the island without the inviting member being present. Guest tents must be removed after each visit to leave room for paying members.

RING Found

Someone dropped a women’s ring under the shade trees near the beach on Labor Day weekend. If you are that person, please contact Linda at with your name and description of the ring.

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