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Island Clean-Up

In spite of rain, wind and high tides, we really got a lot done at Island Clean-Up.  Trees were cut, grass cut, weeds sprayed, tables and benches pressure washed and sealed, more trees planted, upgrades to the restrooms made, sheds inventoried, and best of all, lots of fun was had by us all.  Many thanks to Shawn and Teresa Springer for organizing the crews and to Stephanie and Teresa for feeding us all lunches.  Here are the people who volunteered:

Shawn & Teresa Springer • Jason & Jennifer Kerby • Jim & Olga Derby • Pete & Kristen Disch • Roger & Linda Fisher • Jim and Lori Balch • Thom Folks • Jacob & Sara Wiebe • Marcie Lopez • Mike Minnema • Manuel Gamez • Sim Risso • Sim Risso, Jr. • Tracy Trantham  • Pat Garcia • Dennis Johnson • Jason Davidson • Chris Kelly • Donnie & Tomo Villarin • Stephanie Chastain • Lori Burkart • Jeff & Nicole Greenberg • Bob Dowling • Brad Hellwig • Dale Balcao • Larry Reynolds • Kirk Greene • Larry Reynolds • Ben Weisner • Matt Hall • Monet Fisher

A New Generator at Last!

Out with the old, in with the new!  This is what it takes to get it done – A barge, a crane, a tractor and lots of muscle!  One step closer to getting back to normal.

A HUGE thanks to Brad Hellwig, Jim Balch, Jim Derby, Jason Kerby, and Chris Kelly for taking the time to get this done!


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